Engaging with the Madison community is one of this campaign’s greatest priorities. We thank you for all of your support and interest in this campaign thus far, from collecting petition signatures to speaking at public meetings. We look forward to continue hearing your stories about why a 100% renewable energy resolution for Madison schools will benefit the Madison community.

— photos courtesy of Althea Dotzour —

Selected Comments

I encourage MMSD to be a leader in sustainability to build a better future for the students of today.

This is a great first step by Madison Schools to be the leader in the city and show the initiative to move us into the clean energy transformation faster than the state has done!

These kids care about their future. Empower them to be involved in saving it.

It is critical for the future of all our children that MMSD to commit to 100% renewable energy by 2025 and fulfill that commitment. Make the capital investment!

The idea of solar panels on school grounds makes so much sense, both in teaching students about renewable energy and in producing electrical power the school can use.

As a grandmother of three students in MMSD schools, I urge the School Board to listen to our student leaders and plan now to go 100% renewable energy.

Please make our schools better for the environment!

You should always put solar panels on a roof if you can.

We must take urgent action on this issue. I’m thrilled for MMSD to take a role in this.

Such an important project! Please get behind this 100% and make it happen.

Children are the future. Happy to lend support to anything good they choose to do!

I applaud this effort and pray it will be successful.

Yes, this is hugely important.

Bravo to these students for leading the way!

This is absolutely necessary, and a fantastic goal.

So proud of our children.

I believe that MMSD must obtain 100% renewable energy and increase the quality of our students’ futures. As a young person, I will suffer the most damaging future impacts of climate change.

Media Coverage

Coverage of the campaign by WISC-TV / Channel 3000 occurs from 00:03:10 to 00:05:35.

Public speeches by students and parents on renewable energy occur from 0:25:30 to 0:35:14.